Be 100% compliant with this all-in-one solution that enables you to manage your AML/CTF risk with the risk based approach

It enables you to run a complete analysis of your global AML/CTF risk for your management or the auditor.

AMLspotter has been tailored to answer the needs of the following individual activities:

  • Private Bank
  • Corporate Service Provider
  • Asset Manager
  • Fund Services Provider
  • Law Firm
  • Insurance Company
  • Payment Services
  • Software Editor

This software allows clients to manage their global AML/CTF risks and covers the following aspects:

  • Identification & NameCheck against sanctions lists (UN / EU consolidated sanctions list, OFAC, HM Treasury, SECO), PEP and your internal list. An access to press releases and articles thanks to the manual NameCheck
  • Risk Classification on each client (KYC) according to their geographical exposure, behaviour, activities, client relationship set-up,…
  • Automated BatchNameCheck on above mentioned lists
  • AML risk monitoring according to internal procedures
  • Transactional monitoring
  • Individual, detailed and global reports


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