As an Asset Manager or Family Office, you are subject to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) as well as MiFID regulations.

You need a global AML/CTF risk management tool that will be integrated in your workflows and existing systems. This program will take into account workflows between Compliance, the “Front Office“ and other services. It also has to identify clients and/or transactions representing a risk and run adequate reports for your Management and auditors.

AMLspotter AssetManager

This software has been tailored to allow you to manage your global AML/CTF risks and covers the following aspects:

  • Identification & NameCheck against sanctions lists, PEP and your internal list
  • An access to press releases and articles thanks to the manual NameCheck
  • Risk Classification on each client (KYC) according to their geographical exposure, behaviour, activities, client relationship set-up,…
  • Automated BatchNameCheck on a regular basis for each client on the same lists as mentioned above
  • AML risk monitoring according to internal procedures
  • Transactional monitoring and NewsCatching modules
  • Individual, detailed and global reports


This solution is an online version of AMLspotter and enables you to execute a NameCheck against official sanctions lists and PEP lists and generate AML and MiFID risk profiles.

This service is available via our platform by PayPerClick whereby you only pay the clicks you need, or by subscribing to unlimited access.





The BatchNameCheck allows you to check your client database againsts the official sanctions lists (UN / EU consolidated sanctions list, OFAC, HM Treasury, SECO,Rosfinmonitoring,..), PEP (Politically exposed persons), etc…

BatchNameCheck is installed directly on your server and operates in accordance with your own security requirements and specifications. It’s an automated namecheck solution which includes:

  • Unlimited manual “NameCheck” on your clients against the official sanctions lists and PEP lists; internet research capabilities (press release, pictures…). It also provides individual NameCheck reports.
  • Automatic and daily “BatchNameCheck” on all your clients against the below-mentioned lists.
  • Daily reporting on the actions taken on the “HITS” found by the system.

For more information related to the software and our lists, please feel free to contact us by email at

BatchNameCheck XS

Downloadable version of the BatchNameCheck developed for companies that have a limited number of clients to check automatically on a regular basis (about 1,500 names).

One solution in four clicks:

  • Import your contacts
  • Update lists
  • Execute NameCheck and verify hits
  • Run reports

This version gives you access to a BatchNameCheck for a moderate size of client database at a fair price.